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Zoono Z71 Surface Disinfectant Antimicrobial Technology in Infection Prevention

Biosafety Cabinet

Inspection, Testing & Certification of Biosafety Cabinets Vertical & horizontal Laminar flow Clean Benches & Clean rooms

Room Environmental Monitor

The unit supports 3 rooms, monitoring up to 6 parameters and provides a flexible room environmental control

Care222 | UV-C-Disinfection

Care222® tech reduce microbes in occupied spaces, posing minimal risk to skin or eyes within UV exposure regulations.

Portable Hepa Filter - Blueair

The new Wi-Fi enabled Blueair Classic 400 series takes our incredibly popular air purifier and refines it even further

Waste Water Treatment System

RT ECO Biomedical Liquid Waste Treatment Systems: compact, eco-friendly, destroys pollutants and pathogens efficiently.

MAGNOLITH Water Conditioning Device

Magnolith is a 100% environmental friendly, cost and energy effective way to treat water at the state of the art.

Hypoxico Altitude Training System

Schedule startup/shutdown, adjust altitudes, monitor O2 levels, remote access via smartphone, track maintenance, ensure safety.


Providing durable, dependable, efficient, innovative, and unique industrial test and measurement instruments to our distributors and clients.

Air Purifiers for Viruses Bacteria

Pandemic / Epidemic Prevention Equipment

Clinical Diagnostics Division

Power / Petroleum Industry QC Instruments & Supplies

Food Industry QC / QA Instruments & Supplies Division